Make java ebook for reading on mobile phone

There are plenty of interesting texts all over the Internet that you can load to your mobile phone. However reading them with tools that are built-in to your phone is not always the best choice. At our website you can create a mobile java ebook for J2ME platform ready to upload on your mobile phone.

Popular e-book FictionBook format (.fb2) FictionBook
Microsoft Office Word document MS Word document (doc,docx,rtf)
Plain unformatted text, in ANSI (not Unicode) encoding Plain text
Web-page, saved from internet browser (.html) Internet Web-page Writer document (.odt) OpenOffice document
for free! * * test version

The majority of modern phones are capable of executing J2ME applets. Needles to say, it doesn't have to be a phone; you can use a handheld PC, a smartphone and any other portable device with J2ME support and java applets uploading possibility.

A mobile java ebook created this way allows:

  • Adjust the visual appearance of a java ebook according to your preferences
  • Re-open a java ebook on the same page you finished last time
  • Add bookmarks at any place of a e-book text
  • Quickly navigate through your bookmarks to find the desired portion of text
  • Import the existing table of contents of a source file into a java ebook as a set of bookmarks
  • Use a landscape or a portrait text format (horizontal or vertical phone orientation)
  • Use the touch screen of your phone to scroll through the text of a java ebook

and many other things...

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